Tuesday, September 25

Light Sprints

Lots of rest, short-distance sprints.

Ran over to the track, took more rest than usual.
Got to the track, ran 8x30yd sprints. 1:30-3min in between. Cleats on.

Threw with Zac for 20 minutes or so.

Saw some Pony fellas puttin' in their work.
Ducked out as NYU practices started.

Daydreamed about playing on the walk back. Just got lost in the city with my music and my thoughts. Don't really know which streets I took, but they must've been the right ones because I got where I needed to go.

When I got home, did some more stretching and some more visualization. In long form. Picturing everything from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon... It should be a beautiful weekend. Phrases like "abundant sunshine" are pretty awesome to read.

This is a tough week for the ultimate journal... I mean... At this point, I've done all the prep. I am already the player I will be on Sunday. There isn't a ton of physical training going on. Just a little work to make sure the muscles don't foger what they're doing. There's a ton of thought put into getting my attitude correct for the weekend and picturing success, but really... the waiting is just killing me.

And there's nothing to be done about it.

Starting last Sunday, I've pretty much woken up every morning thinking that I couldn't get more excited. Then the next morning came, and I was more excited. By Saturday morning, I'll be lucky to avoid a heart attack.

Anyway, that's all from the home office in Omaha, Nebraska.
Workout Total:
10 minute interval run
15 minute sprints
20 minute stretching


Anonymous said...

"ran 8x30yd sprints. 1:30-3min in between."

wait. so you sprinted 30 yards. took a minute and a half to three minutes rest. then ran another 30 yards? and then another six times? i must be misunderstanding you, cause that doesn't seem challenging at all.

Mackey said...

The point of doing workouts, when you're so close to when you want to be performing at a high level, is not to do "challenging" work--your body has already been challenged and has adapted to challenge. Now, you're merely fine-tuning.

A speed workout like the one Dusty did is a fine week-before workout--you train your body to accelerate and run fast, as fast as it can. Lots of rest is necessary to ensure each rep finds you at max speed.

And if you don't think the workout is "challenging," you should try it yourself sometime. Definitely worthwhile work.

dusty.rhodes said...

What Mackey Said.

The keys for a workout like this:

Proper warmup
Accelerate like death is on your tail
Slow down *slowly* once you hit near-top speed
Rest until you can do the next sprint at the same intensity

Week before a major tournament, you don't want to do anything workouts from which you will need significant recovery time. You just want to get your muscles active, work at your *top* speed, and not downgrade your performance for Sat/Sun.

Anonymous said...

thanks. i hadn't taken the proximity of regionals in consideration. makes sense now.

good luck.

staying anonymous cause of stupid questions that i just posed.

John said...

why? does anyone think less of you? dusty's only running 30 yard sprints, clearly he's soft