Thursday, September 13

Mixed Sprints Today

Distances ranged from 30-90 yards.

Mixed starts-- shuffling away, shuffling toward, backpedaling into, backpedaling away from. Did some other sorts of shuffling and direction changes, some harder than others. Some running form stuff including different skips and the like.

I had run a 15min variable (stoplight controlled, from 1-20 seconds of rest and 5-150 seconds of sprinting/running fast) interval run to the park and decided to walk back, as usual. I always enjoy the walk through the different neighborhoods on the way. These are all streets I walked on in college and wandered down drunk at some point. Fun to take in the memories...

I remember talking about Fight Club when it first came out with some guy named Tim who was an actor, hardly ever showed up, was really athletic and had some of the most ridiculous throws I've ever seen. By ridiculous, I don't mean good, I mean straight up silly. Yet he had no compunction about throwing them in games. The disc would go anywhere at any time in any ridiculous throw. He disappeared at some point.

The first time I walked to practice, thinking that I would be the only person who had ever played before (Once at CTY!) and finding out that I had a ton to learn. Like a forehand.

The skateboard (longboard style) rumbling down the street as Dan, the surfer guy, would cruise to and from practice. he had some crazy backhand hucks. By crazy, I mean really good. He couldn't do much else though. He disappeared.

The time that we walked back from our first practice with about 25 new players who all seemd really excited about playing. They ALWAYS disappeard.

Later on, the runs to practice from Coles were always fun. By fun, I mean not at all. On the other hand, running back from practices to go play 3-4 hours of basketball were always short.

Getting Indian food on 6th street was always a blast after a good practice. A full meal, plus a beer for 7 dollars or whatever when it was on special. Phenomenal.

Learning about Deltron 3030 from the irrepressible law students, Jim and Alex. In fact, I think I'll put that on right now.

To end it, it was a nice, leisurely walk back to work, then to pick up my work clothes and then take th PATH train home. The evening was beautiful, but not yet chilly. That means my favorite time was just around the corner. Mornings when the air is brisk, but not cold as the sun pierces down to give a hint of the coming warmth...

Ah, Fall.
Workout Total:
15 min interval run
30 minute sprint/agility/explosiveness workout
20 min stretching


Tetyana said...

Haha, CTY. That's how I started, too =)

b-lo said...

CTY? isn't that nerd camp?