Thursday, September 6

Sprint Endurance

Enjoyed the track today.

Well, as much as one can enjoy the track, at least.


Walk slowly back to the start for rest (usually 1 minute or so). For each, work on getting up to full speed as quickly as possibly and then riding out the acceleration. For the 40s, I did the first 4 with a standard standing start. For the last 6, I started 2 each with a 2 yard sideshuffle to my left, a 2 yard sideshuffle to my right, a 2 yard backpedal turning left, and a 2 yard backpedal turning right. In each of those, focusing on getting the mechanics of turning and accelerating down. That is, take as few steps as possible to turn and get cover ground while turning.

After that, it was time for some football. Drew Brees may have single-handedly killed my team this week. It doesn't help that I'm playing against Josh, who has Manning.

Julie and I also played spades, Manhattan-rules, against two self-proclaimed experts. What are Manhattan rules? Well, I don't really know, but it felt like they were making up rules whenever they wanted or at best not telling me what the rules were until I missed an opportunity to take advantage of them. Regardless, Jules and I triumphed with much shit-talking. Spades is a Jawing kinda game. If you don't think it is, you're not actually playing spades, you're palying something else.
Workout Total:
40 min Track
20 min Stretching


Carlina said...

Technically, the game is not over. Also, please don't knock Manhattan or its rules when you work in it, sweat it, and admire its beautiful people. We incorporated your Minnesota/Allentown/Oakland rules, so yes, you're welcome, no need to thank me for allowing you to sit down with the great ones. So let's throw down and finish what we started so you could blog how you cried out a tough loss Nancy-boy style. Ok, ttyl, it was great to see you last night :)

dusty.rhodes said...

The game's not over? This is what I'm saying about making up rules...

I feel like I'm playing Calvinball.

If I could paraphrase for a moment... It sounds to me like you're saying that you want to challenge Jules and I again. You can continue to make up the rules as we go because we'll be too busy winning to care.

Mackey said...

Good ol' Calvinball.

I like doing my speed work (at this point, accelerating at 25-40 yards) starting from one-two steps into a plant going the opposite direction rather than a shuffle or a turn, as well as stopping as quickly as possible instead of easing through after the finish. I think adding the extra deceleratory components makes for even more applicability for ultimate, certainly for cutting--the shuffling would seem more appropriate for defense.