Friday, September 7

Jesus Just Left Chicago

I'll be listening to that upon touchdown this evening.

Probably both the ZZ Top version and a Phish cover. The easy choice is from Slip, Stitch and Pass, but I think I'll root through the archives and find something from a show I actually attended. We shall see.

This weekend we'll be in a pool with Frontline (Madison), Madcow (Columbus) and Tussin (?). I don't know the first or third team at all. We've got a loss to avenge to Madcow from Chesapeake. Definitely looking forward to that game.

Chicago is always a painful stop on the tournament circuit. Too many games to 13 on hard hard ground. Not sure that Pike as a whole or I personally have ever had a good experience there. Time to change that, I suppose...
Workout total:
20 min stretching

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wix said...

that's a fantastic song title, although it can't touch "Drop Kick Me Jesus (Through the Goalposts of Life)"