Friday, September 28

Regionals Preview

Here ya go, you vultures:

Favorite to the title again. You know they feel it is a failure if they do anything other than finish first in the Region. I don't recall the last time they played more than 4 games at Regionals... Maybe it was just before my time. They're not unbeatable by any stretch, they just have the best track record. I always look forward to playing Ring. Them boys play hard.

Truck Stop--
Believe that they can take Ring down. And they just might. I can't see these guys finishing out of the top 3. I'll bet that they externally put their goal at finishing one, but on the inside they're expecting to finish 2. I could be wrong, and if I am, more power to them. I always look forward to playing Truck Stop.

Expected to finish third or lower. I believe we've got a lot more in us than that. I've seen positive things from this team that I haven't seen from past Pike teams, even in the Semis-Quarters years... There's also a phenomenal team attitude this year. Based on the results of the season, we certainly look like a team who could lose to anyone, anytime. There is also no real proof that we can hang with the big teams on the block. A lot of unknowns with this team. All I can say with certainty is that I want to go to battle with my teammates this weekend.

Pretty clearly the 4-seed. I don't see them knocking off any of the top three, but they don't suck either. They do, however, seem to be an almost entirely college-age team. That means that their experiences will pay off in the college season, but this weekend could be tough.

Some big free-agent acquisitions seem to be helping them up from their spot last year. I bet that they're a dangerous team saddled with some early season losses. If you need a darkhorse pick for your office pool, they've pretty much got to be it. Gelling late in the season can be tough without playing together as a team for the season as a whole. Especially with an influx of new players. It'll be interesting to watch them this weekend.

I still think they're always dangerous. I could be wrong.

I know they're always dangerous. That's just the style that they play.

Looking at the schedule, I see almost no way that we'll end up seeing these guys.

I think they have orange jerseys, oddly.

I know some people on this team. If they get on a run, emotion could help them big time.

Stall 12--
?? Stall 12 seeded 12? That can't be right.

I heard a rumour that their name means "All Cuts D.C." That's funny if true. Actually, it is funny regardless of truth.

As Good As Advertised--
Foss'll have those kids whipped into a fury, I imagine. He's still good. I hear they have some 6'7" dude. That's crazy. It should be an intense first round at least.

Roots of Rhythm--
Mercer County summer league team and Pennsbury kids. Young. I don't understand why they and Philly aren't one team...

?? I think I've played them before.

So, the most likely scenario is Ring, TS or Pike winning. The loser of the finals winning the second place game after conserving energy in a losing finals effort. The 3rd place game will involve whichever of Ring/TS/Pike has not qualified playing against one of: Burgh/Los/Warriors/MedMen.

That will be a brutal game, as always. I would wager that the team coming out of the second place game will be better equipped to win this one. The losers of the 9am backdoor games could stagger into this one, but that is a *serious* uphill battle.

Game/sub management will enter into the plans for every team in this format. Even if you don't sub that way, your opponent may, which will affect the outcome of your game.

I'm overwhelmingly excited. If I can, I'll put something up mid-tourney, but who knows how that'll fare.
Workout Total:
10 min throwing
30 min stretching


ryanpvance said...

Picked a pretty good finish for your year I would say. Did you get everyone to sandbag the first 14 points against just to make the blog more interesting?

All jokes aside, I'm glad you could overcome your injury and play that last game. The deep D you had was really amazing (and I'm pretty sure I don't need to be more specific, it was that good). Good luck at Nationals..make some noise for the region.

Ryan Vance
MedMen #11

Anonymous said...

congrats dusty and i hope i'll see you there. sounded like a great last game.


Anonymous said...

Bailey, you flying down to watch?


Ryan Todd said...

I love how Dusty's blog has become a message board for ex-teammates to sound off on each other.

Congrats on the Nationals bid Pike. Look forward to hearing a recap of that last game (if the RSD report is true).

dusty.rhodes said...

I love it when fragility heckles weakness.

Reports are true. Down 9-14, 7-1 run to win 16-15. Recap coming. Full Video Available Eventually!

wix said...

fragility v. weakness? hmm, sounds a lot like kitten war.

notapuller said...

i am going to make it to the show just so kirby park pick up can have the most representatives at nationals they've ever had.
...and to drink the pennsylvania vodka.

dusty.rhodes said...

you know that beth and her husband are regular nationals attendees at this point, right?