Tuesday, September 18

Just Follow the Money

As always.

One of the results of the focus and work I've put into this season is that I've become far more interested in health. Both my own and others. This (old) article
from the Washington Post I was forwarded cast obesity in a somewhat different, if obvious, light. That is, it makes sense upon reading it, but I don't usually think in those terms.

One of my quibbles is the argument that women int he workforce is a detriment to our national health. That's just inaccurate. The issue is not that women are in the workforce, it is that a given household generally has 2 parents working instead of one. I'm neither strengthening or weakening the overarching argument, but rather that this burden should not be laid at the feet of women specifically.

Anyway, while this article seems to actually be in favor of the "fat economy," which I am not, he does shed some light on it that I may not have actually thought of on my own. This is because things like "economics" are still a black box to me. Especially in terms of how it affects things other than the directly observable effect on economies and markets.

Anyway, food for thought.
(Fucking puns always sneak up on me...)

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