Saturday, September 22

Pre-Regionals Practice

Practice was a battle today.

O v D in scrimmages with specific focuses. 10 pull, essentially, with the D starting at Half-field. Go for one turn only. Starting with the D picking up the disc in the endzone they're defending. O gets one chance if they force a turn. And the like.

I think I may have been overly angry at this practice. Aside from blaming my brother, with whom I got into a heated argument, the tension is just bubbling under the surface. That same fighting and clawing instinctual play that helps me beat other teams, also gives me a short fuse in practice. It's tough because at practice you simultaneously want to build your teammates up and challenge them. Balance that with my own personal constant need to win, and, well, I can be a real asshole. That's just me, I guess... The same things that make me a tireless competitor can make me a bad teammate from time to time.

After practice we had a BBQ. Yesssss! Perfect weather for it.

Team flutter was had. Now THAT's a game.

Got a ride back to the train station, took the train home.

Thoughts of Regionals filled my head... Daydreams of the weekend to come. Images. Feelings. Expectations. So close...
Workout Total:
4 hours practice


Ryan Todd said...

So let's be honest - how pumped were you to see that wildcard pop up MA?

I hope you won't need it though. Good luck.

dusty.rhodes said...

hey, the fuck, that's for the post i'm finishing up for later today (that i started yesterday).

stop jumping the gun!

wix said...

As long as you don't turn Jamie into an asshole too, all shall be forgiven.

MA sweeps the growth wildcards! That's got to be some kind of occasion for high-fiving.

See you this weekend...