Friday, September 14

Day before the series starts

Pike's at Sectionals this weekend.

As one teammate commented, "We won the schedule!" That is, we don't start until 12:45 on Saturday. Not sure if I like this so much, but I guess it gives me a chance to wake up at a reasonable pace instead of rushing around to get to the train and then get picked up. I suppose that's nice. If things go as they should, we'll be playing on Sunday at 9am and then at 1:45pm. That's not winning the schedule as much.

It should be a weekend about Pike instead of about anyone else. If we bring it, we can't be touched... Er, by that I mean... If we play our game... Damn... how do pro athletes do it and why? Why the hell shouldn't I be arrogant about my team's chances?

I know we're the best team in the tournament hands down. If we play like a team with passion, we will win going away and get home to watch football. If we play without passion, or at least professionalism, we'll lose and have a longer day which gets in the way of football-watching.
Workout Total:
Low Level Strength
10 min wobble board
20 min stretching


Mackey said...

There you go, zero in on what really matters. It's not about playing to win--it's about winning to get home and watch football sooner! Completely endorsable view.

gapoole said...

I totally understand. We left as soon as our last game ended (at 3:15) to make it to the car in time to hear the AM radio announcing of the RU v Norfolk game. Got home before the first quarter ended, ordered some fat sandwhiches, and watched the home team trounce the 1-AA team (or whatever it's called now).