Tuesday, September 18


Did a track-esque suicide workout tonight.

16 minute run over, stop and chat with Frantzen (NYU Violet Femme) and Zac (Femmes coach), and then get on the turf to sprint it out. Cleated up an all!

4 x 120 yard suicide w/ 1:15 rest

6 x 80 yard suicide w/ 1:00 rest

Focused on staying balanced without putting my hand on the ground and fighting through each turn by leading with my hands. This seems to get my weight out in front and over my toes a bit more effectively. Pushing my center of gravity forward seems to make my muscles respond better.

The rests were certainly adequate. Times for the first were ~20 seconds, time for the second were ~15 seconds. Not too bad. The cuts all felt good and the acceleration was there, which is what I've been banking on returning at about this time of the season. I followed this up with a 3 sets of 5 pullups/10 dips, and headed on down to visit the NYU practice.

Talked with Zac some more, got some throwing in and then left as the teams started going over things like "how to throw backhand" and "how to throw a forehand." I love coaching, but I hate teaching this kind of basic skill shit. Just a means to an end. And, I found that I was my own best teacher in terms of skills. Me coaching you probably won't solve your problem.
Just go out and work on it. Actually, I take that back, buy The Inner Game of Tennis, read it, and then go work on your throwing skills.
Workout Total:
15 minute interval run
15 minute track workout
10 min throwing
20 min stretching


Zac said...

We're the Violet Femmes, not Violent. We maybe be violent, but only in actions, not name. A common mistake.

dusty.rhodes said...

If I corrected every type that i made, I would do nothing else all day long. Whoops-- *Typ-O* See aht I mean? Oops-- *What*

Maybe I was longing for the days the the NYU men's team was called "The Violence." Maybe I was listening to "Blister in the Sun" or "American Music" and got the message subliminally.