Monday, September 24

Three Bids?

Obviously, the surprise news of the day is that there will be three bids to Nationals from Mid-Atlantic Open Regionals.

Now, this is good. No lies, no bullshit. Anyone in the region who tells you otherwise is full of shit. No matter if it is Ring or Floodwall. Mo Chances is Mo Betta.

Also, the word on the street is that we won't have to play some backwoods 14-team cock-face format with 5 games per day either. This is also good. This will be the same as 03-05. 16 team double elim.

I'll talk more about the tourney itself later this week, but for now... it will be very exciting. Ring, TS and us are pretty clearly the top 3. Burgh is back again, though they seem very young. Los is improved (new additions always help), Warriors are always dangerous with Mike G at the helm, MedMen, HOV and Sir Duke can all upset "better" teams, and 10-16 are all better than their opponents expect, though they're all pretty young as well.

I love this time of year.

More to type on this later.

New Orleans looks terrible and Drew Brees is killing my fantasy team.
Workout Total:
30 min Full dynamic warmups
10 min throwing
30 min stretching


Bill Mill said...

> we won't have to play some backwoods 14-team cock-face format with 5 games per day either

I'm not ashamed to admit it, I chortled.

dusty.rhodes said...

"dusty/bill mill/chortle"
"rock/paper/scissors" variant.

dusty makes bill mill chortle.
bill mill uses the word "chortle."
the word "chortle" makes dusty chortle.

wix said...

pretty good rosham, but misha/women/nothing is still the best.

Anonymous said...

ask dennis about the classic game david/goliath/job.


Anonymous said...

So have seeds/schedule come out yet?
Giving credit to the warriors and other teams of that skill level is nice and all but-- Please--- stop. Go take care of biz! Good luck

dusty.rhodes said...

Rumor has it that the seeds look like this:

1. Ring
2. Truckstop
3. Pike
4. Burgh
5. Los
6. E95 Warriors
7. Medicine Men
8. HOV
9. Sir Duke
10. GreenMan
11. Philly Love
12. Stall 12
13. AC/DC
14. As Good as Advertised
15. Roots of Rhythm
16. Floodwall

Normal 16-team, 3 advance bracket play.

Anonymous said...

For the first time ever, I agree with Walt. Good luck this weekend, Dusty. See you in Sarasota...


dusty.rhodes said...

You didn't agree with Walt when he told you to "get in your home?"

Anonymous said...

Damn dusty,
You beat me to that one.
I was willing to waive the "tent rent."
Jokes aside
Good luck to you both, and even my angry friend Rtodd..