Wednesday, September 12

Wednesday Strength

Strength Exercises are toning down a bit, but not too much.

This was a good one to focus on explosion with ample recovery and minor general fatigue:

Bent Over Ankle Bounce (like the plyo version of a RDL), 20xeach leg
10 slow, full ROM pushups
1:30 rest

Depth Jump, 24 inch box (aka my bed), 3x
5 pullups
2:00 rest

On-box Jumps with variable 3-step lead-ins, 4x
10 clap pushups
2:00 rest

15 divebombers
1 min rest
1 set of Tabata burpees

Good, highly explosive leg work with a focus on *really* hitting my peak on each jump. Good slightly tiring upper body work in between each set. Solid whole-body finisher at the end.

After that, got in some focused visualization corrections after this past weekend's pulls. Feeling very good about that. Just picturing that perfect pull and dialing in is useful

Finally, got in about an hour of throwing in the lights in a parking lot in Jersey City. Seems appropriate somehow, considering the origins of this ridiculous sport. If you've never been to the birthplace of ultimate, stop by some time and throw. Just 'cause.
Workout Total:
lower body explosive work
upper body general strength
20 min stretching
1 hr throwing

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