Wednesday, September 26

That Might Have Been The Best Thing Ever

So, with a wonderfully thoughtful belated birthday gift, Julie made my week.

I had a 90-min massage this evening. partially in prep for the weekend, and partially because this is possibly the craziest stretch of time I've experienced in a number of years. Pike, work and personal stuff all working in tandem to fuck with me. (Un?)Fortunately for y'all, this ain't not neither a work nor a gossip blog, so I won't get into the non-Pike stuff.

Regardless of why, there was some unreal tension and knots in my upper back, neck and calves. This is not at all normal for me and the masseuse was confounded. The next 90 minutes were completely awesome. I felt like my whole body was being realigned. Some of it hurt, and some of it actually brought tears of relief to my eyes. Not pain, but relief. There were things going on in there that I had no idea could even happen.

Anyway, afterwards I was unbelievably relaxed and a bit out of it. I made my way home while drinking copious amounts of water. Not only was I relaxed physically, but I was relaxed mentally as well. Perfect. Once I arrived home, I stretched out and passed out while watching the
Warriors play the Lakers from the '91 playoffs (as chosen by ESPN's Sports Guy). Great shootout is right! The other great thing about this tape is looking at Tom Tolbert's hair. It is so phenomenal that even the announcers mocked him. Something to the tune of "There's tonight's winner of the Hair MVP award." I wish I could find a satisfactory picture, but the phrase "Vanilla Ice-like" should suffice. And now he's a commentator. With a shaved head becaus ehe started going bald. That's high comedy and I'm still an asshole.

The game is also further evidence that Chris Mullin was a baller. If you didn't know, you better ax somebody.
Workout Total:
90 minute masssage
30 minute stretching


Anonymous said...

was there a happy ending?

dusty.rhodes said...

i wish i had a witty retort for that, but no. It ain't that type of place.

Anonymous said...

"there is no clitolis is in the thloat..."

Anonymous said...

such a dumbass

wix said...

frankly, i'm disappointed. you & sussdog are my favorite celebrities, no, make that CELEBUTANTES, in the whole wide world. please to consider upping the gossip factor of ultimate journal, in future.