Thursday, September 20

Sprint Workout Again

On the heels of Tuesday's Work, I changed it up a little to lengthen stride and work on top speed a bit.

I did:


Rest between each sprint of a group was 1:30, rest between sets was 2:3o after the first 2 and 2:00 after the 3rd and 4th. Each sprint was completely dialed in and focused on acceleration and getting to top speed. Then, for the longer sprints, riding that speed out. The thing that always gets tired in these workouts are my hips. Not in an extreme way, but they can feel that I 'm pushing them to the limit by taking really long strides as I get going. I find that this is a great challenge to my body, and a great boon when I'm chasing down hucks and getting down on the pull. Getting the most distance out of each stride (after the acceleration period) really conserves my energy on a given run without sacrificing speed. This, obviously, makes it difficult to change directions which is why it is only useful in open-field situations.

The weather outside was beautiful (not frightful) today. A great shining example of a fall day. Chilly in the morning, warming through the day and about body temperature by evening. I love this time of year. I've been thinking about that a lot recently. I asked myself why I love this time of year and decided that would be a post before regionals.

I also discovered the *liter* can of Faxe Beer today. $2.99. For a liter of Beer. Not bad beer either. I also discovered that I love comically oversized cans of beer that make Fosters look like little bitchcans. As an aside, I hope that the english version of this site happens soon. I don't really know what's going on (I mean, aside from pictures of beer cans) but I cannot look away.

So... I'll do that fall-post later.
Workout Total:
15 minute interval run
25 minute sprint workout
30 minute stretch


John said...

why does the site need to be in english? it's just photos of beer cans

dusty.rhodes said...

Yes, but he seems to have a lot to type on the topic, and I'd like to know what it is!