Tuesday, January 16

Appropriately Titled Exercise

The Pike Press! A maximal strength exercise on the way to handstand pushups. These are a way of strengthening the shoulders/back that I have neglected over prior training. The same with the pull-up. These are two rather weak planes of motion for me, though I'm not a complete chump in this department either. I'd love to work my way up to the explosive pull-up where you actually jump off of the bar, but that's a ways off methinks.

I'm already working the explosive pike-press which is pretty stressful. I dig it.

These maximal strength workouts are probably the hardest for me-- I don't really enjoy it, but I can feel the benefits.

I got an email today from a college coach I know asking about various trap cups. As a result gmail was trying to sell me bras. I love text-scavenging ads!
Workout Total:
45 Minute Maximal Strength Workout
15 Minute Core Workout

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