Friday, January 12

Dalembert the Unaware

Poker Night got canceled for this evening, so I'll just get home and do an interval workout and watch some basketball. The workout was tiring. Good to keep the cardiovascular system working in the offseason.

I was conversing this evening with JP about Samuel Dalembert and his lack of knowledge about the game. The criticism is that he's only been playing ball for 10 years, and as such doesn't/can't understand the intricacies of the game. Well, shit, where does that leave me? I've only been playing Ultimate for 8.5 years and I'm older than Hatian Sam. What am I missing in field/game awareness? Compare this to my younger brother, Jamie who, despite being four years younger, has been playing for 8 years. Four years from now he'll be better than I was four years prior. Scary.

And it will only get worse.

Workout Total:
25 Minute Interval Workout

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