Monday, January 15


Did a circuit workout before breakfast this morning, which was pretty intense, and then enjoyed being lazy and catching up on the highly watchable Battlestar Galactica. I then went to pickup with PoNY at ERP. I got some confounded looks as well as some warm greetings from former teammates and/or real-time friends.

It is a little awkward to be there, but I think I'm known as a pretty good guy overall. That is, I'm just looking for a quality game and I don't generally offend people.

The situation here is a little more awkward due to the loss of some NY players (Dono, Jude and "Vinny") back in 03 as well as the loss of some players in coming years (Chirlin, Baldwin and Bailey) to our geographically diverse Pike squad. I can understand the tension and I would welcome a conversation about it if someone wanted to discuss, but really it is pickup in the cold on Monday nights and I don't entirely suck. I work in the city and live in Jersey. makes sense to stay in NYC longer once a week than it does to commute to NY for practices. Funny thing is that the mass transit options (since I paid $175 to have my car stolen back in September) take about the same amount of time, despite the difference in distance.

In the words of Q-Tip, "Competition is good, it brings out the vital parts." I'll go to the best game that'll have me. And I'd welcome any of those guys to the NJ game that is slowly falling off.
Workout Total:
15 Minutes Circuit Training
2 hours pickup

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