Thursday, January 11

I Hate Chris Webber

He's been killind the Sixers for far too long. Finally, we rid our team of the 6'10" power forward jump shooter. He was being interviewed on Inside the NBA and I now I hate him even more.

The interview made me want to set him and Billy King up in the same city for the rest of their lives. Possibly in the same house. I think I'd watch a TV show if they gave everyone the mailing address of the Webber/King household and they had to read all the fan mail aloud onscreen. Yup. I'd watch that. I'd also mail them a heart-shaped box of turds on every holiday.

Just before seeing said interview, I did a maximal strength workout. I'm starting to really gain some balance rewards for the one-legged squats in addition to the strength rewards. This is a great exercise.

We also got word that we'll definitely have at least 12 on the Kaimana Squad, Philthy. Quality team both on and off the field. This will kick ass.
Workout Total:
45 Minute Maximal Strength Workout
10 Minute Core Workout

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