Sunday, January 28

The Departed

Well, I saw The Departed in the theater. Again. This may have been the third time with a completely different group of people. I really dig this movie. No other way to put it.

I found it more enjoyable than either the beautiful allegory Pan's Labyrinth or the beautifully crafted Children of Men. I'm not sure what those movies were trying to tell me at all. They were well-done and all, but what topic were they discussing? Am I just too dense to figure it out? Was there an actual point to either one? They were certainly both beautiful, in Spanish and looked at violence in an unflinching way, but what else was there? I'm just at a loss here.

Did an explosive workout after Jamie left. I love these workouts. They really push me.
Workout Total:
35 Minutes Explosive Strength
15 Minutes Core Work

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