Sunday, January 21

Still a Little Off

Well, I was a little sore from the massage yesterday, but in a completely good way. The muscles that really got a work over felt refreshed, yet challenged. Gotta get them thar toxins movin' I 'spose.

Did a shortened maximal strength workout this morning before heading out to watch football at the house of a Chicago fan. That was interesting. At least 3 people called the game in favor of Nawlins when the non-artists formerly known as the 'Aints got back within 2 or 3. Then the Bears did what they do and suddenly it was a blowout.

The second game of the day was a fantastic battle between Indy and Newngland. Peyton was still making the requisite "Manning Face" (as coined by Bill Simmons) throughout the game, but this time he played with nothing to lose. Why, you ask? Because Fate had gift-wrapped him an excuse-- A Slightly Hurt Hand. Suddenly, if he fails, it is because of the injury that was beyond his control. Suddenly, he is free of expectation. Suddenly.

Freedom from internal pressure can be granted by methods other than the intervention of Fate.
Workout Total:
30 Minute Maximal Strength Workout
10 Minute Core Workout

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