Wednesday, January 31

Spurs Head Coach Greg Popovich...

Said before their game against the Jazz that "Tonight's game is like an acid test for us."

WHAT? Tonight's game is like a night filled with LSD, The Grateful Dead, and the Merry Pranksters?

Perhaps he meant litmus test?

Did the maximal strength workout today-- my shoulders are very sore from yesterday's interval workout. Tomorrow I think could be very tough by the afternoon.

Something I'm noticing while working on the one-handed push up progression is that a great stability challenge can be added to almost any ground-based upper-body work (planks, pushups, whatever) by adding a degree of leg movement or by bearing weight on a single leg. If you consistently alter the angle of the force to which your muscles are responding, you will work each muscle group more thoroughly without needing completely new exercises.
Workout Total:
40 Minute Maximal Strength Workout
15 Minute Core Workout

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