Wednesday, January 10

Colbert vs Cramer

Did a circuit workout today. This was a pretty good ass-kicking. "Full Body Tired" is the way I think of it.

Also did work thinking about the principles of zone defense: Ideally, shouldn't a zone shift over the course of a point to alter what it takes away and what it lets go? That is, it shouldn't be necessary to drop into man or into a different variant of a zone to keep the offense out of a comfort zone. What it takes is a team that has worked on team-level anticipation *and* communicates clearly while playing. As one player (likely one in the first level behind the cup) notices where each handler is taking their primary looks, shouldn't he be able to call out adjustments on the fly? Shifting the wings in/out or changing the level of respect that the deep gives to deep cutters or giving the the middle of the cup more into freedom are all ways that can subtly change the zone without changing the basic set. Instead of running one type for a whole point, wouldn't it be possible to alter on the fly? This way, the offense never receives a static look to attack.

Perhaps that is just too advanced at this point, but I doubt it. If you want to be able to do something, put in the work and you'll be able to do it.

In a related story, Jim Cramer was on Colbert a little while ago. As usual, any interview in which space and time crash in upon themselves is a solid interview.
Workout Total: 22 Minutes Circuit Training

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