Friday, January 19

What is this Day of Rest Shit?

No workout at all today. Scheduled days of rest are nice.

Did do some thinking about the notion of a zone/man hybrid D. Something along the lines of a John Chaney matchup-zone. How would this look in ultimate? Something like a standard zone, but with less strict positional requirements. This would require much more field awareness as well as a defined method of teaching it. If done correctly, it could lead to putting defenders in anticipatory movement patters based on how a thrower would read their movements. Man from some perspectives, but zone from others. If you can see what the thrower sees through practice/awareness you'll be in position to make the block.

As a somewhat related aside, some friends who went to Worlds mentioned that the Buzz Bullets (When Pike played them at ECC in 05, they were throwing every throw in the book at us. Hammers and blades to away cuts, 40 yard scoobers and more) were playing a zone that transitioned into man at late stall counts. This is a great concept-- you give the offense one look and then switch with the idea of making the thrower think again when there is no time to think. I think this sort of hybrid look could well be the future of defense. Not that switching and having a last back is any different in terms of being a hybrid, but that the positions are less rigid and the change during a point is based on team-level movements instead of individual/pair level movements.

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