Sunday, January 7

Back on the Hoss

Got an interval workout in this morning and then went to watch some playoff football. Go Birds!

Some thoughts from football:

  • How can we incoroporate more precise routes/timing in ultimate? Is there a place for it out of stoppages? Or even audibles on the fly?
  • We need to have a better grasp of how combinations of cuts affect the defense as a whole.
  • What is the next level of defensive anticipation in ultimate? What is the equivalent of the zone-blitz? How do we amp up the confusion?
  • If a true cover-corner can shut down a receiver (or even a side of the field), is it solely due to the potential flight paths of the disc that a true "shut-down defender" is mostly a myth in ultimate?
Workout Total:
15 Minute Interval Workout

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