Tuesday, January 30

Sacred Hoops

Just finished reading Sacred Hoops by Phil Jackson. Very short read. Good concepts though.

Skipped an interval workout, as planned, so that I would have a day off after pickup. I really don't want to push myself in terms of forcing quick recovery in the offseason. Intense workouts, but more than ample rest is one of the offseason goals. The season's length combined with tournament formats will give me enough of that during the summer/fall. Training will replicate this as rarely as possible for a couple of reasons:

- It just isn't that good for you.
- I'm generally very strong in terms of endurance.
- It makes you tired in a grander sense than "I can't workout today." It stresses your life to train hard without adequate recovery. Stresses your defenses, your brain and your muscles. No need for that just yet.

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