Tuesday, October 16

10 Days by Weather.com

That means... I can officially start checking the weather obsessively.

Hmmm.... looks a little too hot for my liking. Let's get it back down to low 80s. Please? Maybe not. Heat is good for the quad.


J said...

Maybe if you ask nicely, Danny will let you in the shade tent.

dusty.rhodes said...

What Twisted never realized was that the key to Danny's health was *that* tent, not just *any* tent.

Besides I might catch "fragile" from Danny if I go in there. Same reason not to visit Furfari on Amp. I might catch Furfragile.

Anonymous said...

GFY Dusty. You too, Dono.

Guess who...

dusty.rhodes said...

What's that Walt? You say Danny needs to go back in his home again?

Ryan Todd said...

No worries gentlemen, because last night I managed to secure not one, but two, tents for the tournament. So Danny will be safe. If you're looking off our offense on Thursday morning between 9:30-11:30, that's likely where we'll be.

dusty.rhodes said...

Y'all are gonna bench your O-team that quickly? Damn. I mean, I know you don't want to wear them out once our D-Team starts pulling away, but I didn't think y'all'd be scared enough to sit the whole game out!

I thought you'd spend more time dancing with the girl who brung you instead of, when the going gets tough and your backs are against the wall, changing horses in midstream.

(by the way, "y'all'd" is the double contraction for "you all would")

And yes, I did compare O-teams (both yours and in general) to girls.

Anonymous said...

Coach told us that we have a first-round bye. Is that not true? I wasn't even planning on getting to the fields until about 11:30. Is something happening before then? Did Pike make Nationals?

Ryan, if you did indeed get two tents, you are amazing...and Moira is rubbing off on you a little more everyday. Way to plan ahead.


dusty.rhodes said...

Apparently there is a lot riding on this game, including the title of best shirt tucker in ultimate (ask seigs if you need details) and Danny's cocky attitude.

It's okay, Danny. When you lose, you can still come crawling back to Pike if you like. We're all about second chances and reclamation projects. Much like the Raiders back when Al Davis was alive.

We've even found a role for that loudmouth Dono and found space for some guy who doesn't speak English!