Wednesday, October 3

Word on the Limb

Saw the doctor today.

I'm told that the problem with my leg is not exactly a pulled quad, but an accumulation of scar tissue from various knee surgeries and the like. I knew all of the scar tissue was there, but I didn't know it was having an adverse affect on me. Apparently, the musculature of my upper leg is pulled needlessly taught by the combination of being in shape and having tons of scar tissue. This causes friction and inflammation. At regionals, this manifested itself as a ridiculously sharp pain that shot from mid-quad to inner knee.

The plan is to rest, stretch, ice, self-massage and attend PT 3x per week. Ideally, I'll be good for practice next (not this) weekend and definitely all clear for Nationals. Sick. That massage thing is for real. I can feel the scar tissue and they showed me what I'm supposed to be doing with it. That shit ain't no joke. This is painful as hell, but I know that I'm doing the body good.

I worry about some of the other pains that are cropping up in close proximity to this primarily quad/itb thing, but the fact that I think they're connected is a good thing, I suppose. Now we just have to solve the problem.

My thoughts are in a couple of places right now (no particular order):

1. Thinking about people I want to qualify for Nationals this weekend. Friends, alums, et al. I'm not as obsessed with this as I was with my own Regionals, but I'm thinking about y'all.
2. Visualizing playing at Nationals.
3. Getting my body right.
4. Getting Pike ready for the show!

Yup. That's about it on this front.
Workout total:
icing, stretching, massaging


Jim Biancolo said...

You've read all the self-myofascial release stuff, right (i.e. foam roller)? Best wishes for a speedy rehab!

Mackey said...

Ah, a friend in the next (not this) camp.

It's a shame that the world has no convention for that. I always thought next came after this, but loads of people never use this, because it's next.

dusty.rhodes said...

Dude, I had to read that 5 or 6 times to make heads or tails of it.

I didn't remember writing that part of the post, so I had no context. Then I had to go back and read my own crap writing.