Monday, October 8

More of the Same

Did all the usual work on the leg.

Got word from a few people on other teams that their teammates won't be making the trip to nationals.


Unless you're a vet and just can't do it because of real life, you should get thyself to Nationals by hook or by crook. There is no reason not to go. It is a great experience and pretty much the best example of high-level ultimate in the world. The beach is awesome. It is Florida in October. There's a great time on Saturday night (unless you make finals-- in which case you have your own kind of great time). What's not to like? The younger you are, the more it will help push your game forward, or at least make you aware of where your game needs to go.

That's all.
Workout Total:
stretching, massaging, icing, strength


ringo said...

methinks you're talking about me.

Zac said...

I assume you're talking about players I coach. The players in question read your blog. You know little about the situation. You've made a sweeping generalization, vaguely applied to a nuanced set of circumstances about which you can't possibly know the details. As their coach, having heard the all the factors in play, I told them it was their decision and I would support them either way. In the end, they made the right choice for them, all things considered.

dusty.rhodes said...

No one specific-- you're right I don't know the details. That's why I don't mention anyone, well, specific.