Sunday, October 14

Early Practice Today

Got up the this morning and almost died at the hands of Dono following Trey on the 15 minute drive.

That got my heartrate up for practice. Had beef jerky and some apples for breakfast during the car ride. It'll do.

Practice started with a mini tournament. That was a blast. I love playing mini and other dumb little disc games that are tangentially related to ultimate. My team was good but not great. We did perfect the quick double score though. That was our bread and butter.

We then had a scrimmage against Old Sag, those sectional rivals. They had a huge roster and threw a pretty solid zone (not shocking for a masters team) but we stayed ahead the whole way. I only played the first two points in this one. I knew that I could play more, but that I would be pretty sore on Monday, so I decided to forget that in attempts to get a better workout in on Monday.

Got back to watch the Patriots stomp on the Cowboys. I guess they're pretty solid, eh?
Workout Total:
2 hours mini/warmup
2 points in scrimmage

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