Thursday, October 18

Hidden Skill-work at PT

So there I was, doing my sets 10 seconds on/10 seconds off of some exercise for 10 minutes...

My mind was all over the place. I was doing my best to focus in on what I was doing, but it was tough as hell. Then it struck me. I'm going for 10 seconds over and over again. That's the same as the stall count. Suddenly, I had something to focus on.

As someone who is rarely called for a fast count, I wanted to know if I was slow when stalling. As it turns out? Nope. Max variance for the 8 minutes I counted stalls was between 1-2 seconds. Never as high as 2, usually less than one.

Good use of an otherwise pointless time for my head while my body was working. It helped me focus in as well as I always thought "Keep it up! This is just like putting on a great mark! It takes energy" while counting instead of just wondering what kind of food I would eat after I left the PT place.

Back to work. I'd rather spend all day doing rehab. Hands down.

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ryanpvance said...

I understand that we don't know each other, and never communicate outside the ultimate theater, but I feel like we are both part of the bacon brotherhood. I humbly submit this for your review...

Ryan Vance
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