Monday, October 1

Day After


My leg is killing me.

I knew it would be, but y'know what? Sometimes you never really understand things until you experience them. Like this. This sucks.

But the fact remains, Pike will be at Nationals. That's all that matters today. The rest of it will sort itself out. I'm not down about the leg, and I'm not worried about getting ready for Nationals, because I'll either be ready or won't. No need to worry what the outcome is as I'll do my best to recover regardless of the eventual outcome.

My leg is tight and every step with that leg is painful. The knee feels a bit unstable, but I think that's due more to the pain than any actual structural damage. Move it around in my ROM and stretch it out. Keep it warm, massage it and then ice a bit later. Use the good ol IB to handle the extra pain if it is too bad, but be careful not to radically alter what my body is trying to do, y'know?

It still feels great. I can't believe we made a 7-1 run to win that game. I truly never doubted it during the game (I never know the score if I'm playing anyway), but I couldn't believe what had just happened *after* the game. It wasn't until I looked at the score reporter this morning, checked my email/voicemail and confirmed it with an outside source that I truly believed that my eyes and memories hadn't betrayed me.

I thought it was a dream.

This is the frst step up for the new Pike. No matter the outcome of your first Nationals experience as a player, it changes you. It can make you wilt or make you blossom. There are so many Pike guys who are new to club Nationals...

Completely Virgin: 15 or 16 (I think)
Coed Nationals, Never Open: 3 0r 4
Open Nationals, Never with Pike: 4
Open Nationals, with Pike: 7

That last number is shocking to me. From a team that made the quarters in 2005, we only have 7 players left over. I think our roster was 26 that season. Wow. Some of those numbers may be slightly off as we never did a team poll or anything (or background checks for that matter!) but that last number "7" is dead on.
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J said...

That was an inspiration performance, Dusty. From unable to walk normally in the morning, to playing every D point in the game-to-go.

Simply incredible. You set out to get Pike back to Nationals and we wouldn't have made it without your heroic effort.

ps. I think that 'sticky-handed receiver' should be cut. WTF was that?

John Chandler-Pepelnjak said...


Long time reader, first time poster, love the blog, etc. etc. And congratulations on the big win.

If you've truly got a muscle tear, look into ARP ( It's practiced by chiropractors and also goes by the name "ThermaStim". It brought me back from what felt like a six-week hamstring injury in about 10 days. And I was able to train some of that time as well.

After the reading pleasure you've given me this season, I hope you figure out a way to heal this quad quickly.


micah said...

Great job Dusty, heal up and give em hell in Florida.

KP said...


sounds like you needs some imaging studies to determine your injury, ie MRI vs. musculoskeletal ultrasound. Seeing as how you're open to non-conventional treatments, you may want to consider ART or active release technique - mostly done by chiropractors. If you're interested there is a guy name Mike Tancredi in Broomall:
Tancredi Chiropractic
600 Reed Road
Suite 101
Broomall, PA 19008
Phone: (610) 353-9400
Fax: (610) 353-2280

He's a good guy and might be able to help.

IF you're still having issues with myofascial pain, then I would suggest you see Mark Wenneker, DO, DC at Penn. 800-789-PENN.

But again, I think you need a dx first.

IF you can get in to see him a good guy to see would be Larry Chou, MD 610.789.SPORT
He's a former Penn guy now in private practice.
Good luck.