Thursday, October 11

PT Again

"I've got to admit it's getting better / A little better all the time."

Even the people at Physical Therapy agree that it is getting better faster than they anticipated. That's right, boys, I'm poised for a T.O. style Superbowl comeback. I will now clean up the involuntary vomit that came up due to T.O. killing the Iggles in the following season.

It ain't perfect yet... but I can now walk up/down stairs with no pain. Running and biking are still out for now, but I can feel it getting better. I'm still frustrated, but I can now redirect that frustration into activity and mold it into progress.

PT currently consists of ultrasound, electric stim, strength stuff, stability stuff, painful massage and icing. Aside from the ultrasound and stim, I can replicate almost all of this at home. That's pretty sweet. I'm basically doing all of this work 2-3x per day with icing/massage/stretching throughout. Then I'm doing the jump rope/upper body stuff outside of that. I'm anticipating that Friday will be a lighter day, but I simply don't have the time to wait for this to get better. I've got to do everything I can to *make* it get better. Fortunately, I pay close attention to my body, and as a result know my limits very well. I have not reached them yet.

I WILL make a difference at The Show!
Workout Total:
20 min interval
10 min strength (x2)
15 min wobble (x2)
ice, stretch, massage


Anonymous said...

how much does PT cost?

dusty.rhodes said...

Well, I have to pay a copay every time I go. Which sucks, but it is better than some other plans. I'm not getting into the amount of the copay and all that because I'll get into a discussion about A) Healthcare and/or B) How all of my money goes to things that are ultimate-related.

If it weren't Nationals, I'd probably go in once or twice and then ask what I could do at home given that I would never come back in...

I can't afford this shit.