Tuesday, October 2

Getting my Mind Right

honestly, after we won the game-to-go, the rest of the season didn't mean shit to me.

I didn't really care if I got better, and I didn't give a through to how we'd play at Nationals.

Then I remembered. I remembered how much fun it is to play and win there. Everything is magnified. Everything is all-out. No crazy formats to endure. No more than 3 games per day. Flat fields! Nice weather even when it is windy.

Great teams and fantastic challenges await. True tests of the team will be ahead. Standing toe-to-toe with the best teams in the nation, as well as the world.

Then I started getting really excited again. I wanted to get my body right and battle with ym teammates at The Show. I wanted to lead my teammates again. I was no longer satisfied with getting there, because I remember the difference between getting there and achieving there. I love the latter so much more than the former...

Made sure to get some interval work in, even if I can't use my leg, I can do pushups and the like! 8x20sec on/10 sec off pushups twice through with 4 minutes core in between. I can also do single leg stuff for my good leg.

Seeing the doctor tomorrow.
workout total:
painful self massage
low-level strength (leg lifts, ankle raises and the like)
Interval Workout

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