Wednesday, October 17

New Favorite Breakfast

A little odd, but not that strange, when you consider that I'm the source.

Simply, a three egg omelet containing Parrano Gouda and apples.

Cortland apples have been the best match so far, although most apples are unlikely to disappoint. Just a good combination of flavors/textures. If you'd like to make it a bit sweeter, a tiny bit of maple syrup makes it breakfasty-yet-not-overpoweringly-sweet. If you want more grease/protein, or another texture/more salt include some bacon. Either on the side or in the omelet. Works pretty well. Some might prefer sausage. Some people say that cucumbers taste better pickled.

Goes well with coffee, of course. Haven't tested different varieties with different apples yet, but I'm sure there's a real winner in there somewhere.

Damn. Now I wish I was eating breakfast again.


J said...

One question:
Is it better than the Choco-Taco with Bacon (Baco-Taco? Choco-baco-taco??)?

dusty.rhodes said...

That's a once-a-year breakfast. I could get sucked into eating that every damn morning. So perfect with shitty coffee too!

I think I'll be sure to get that at every sectionals. I'm already excited about next year.

Anonymous said...

is UltimateJournal taking a hitatus during the offseason, and starting up again Jan 1st?

or can we be treated to what an elite player's offseason looks like?

or is this the end of the run?

give us another year!

dusty.rhodes said...

Not sure that anyone who eats a baco-choco-taco for breakfast before playing can be elite, but whaatver you say...

As for the rest, who knows what the future holds. Seems crazy, but I might have better things to write with my time. Then again, I might not.

Eric said...

You should get ultimate sponsors to advertise on your site. Then revamp it up to include pictures and videos and like cool interactive stuff. Then you can have a "Ask Dusty" section with a weird cartoon graphic of your face and you can answer the questions.