Sunday, October 7

No Nationals...


Teams that I wanted to see at Nationals but didn't make it:

Puppet Regime, Madcow, PoNY.

Teams who did make it that I was rooting directly for:

Ambush, Chewbacca Defense.

Chain lost in the finals to Doublewide. Perhaps JoHammond shouldn't have made those predictions on last year's ultivillage dvd? Not that I wouldn't have done the same in his shoes.

Boston beat GOAT in the finals. Apparently, Fortch made the difference. No real surprise there.

AMP took the MA Mixed. No surprise there.

Bashing PiƱatas? Really? Congrats. It'll be like a WSL reunion!

Anyway, Nationals is gonna be some pimp shit as always. I'm unendingly excited. Palm Bay Club, here I come!


Danny Karlinsky said...

i'm hurt. i thought our online-blog connected-relationship would have vaulted my team into the "teams i wanted to see at nationals but didn't make it" category.

i am hurt and offended. offended and hurt. you are just like your brother..except skinner.

dusty.rhodes said...

I'll say that I was watching y'all closely, but I can't say that I was openly rooting for y'all.

I mean... the only reason I have to root for Revolver is to actually meet you face-to-face and see how much I know about you is pure lies from Jamie... I don't think I've had more than passing/occasional interaction with a soul from your team.

Now, if you could recruit some ex-Piker or NYU alum to play for y'all, I would be squarely in your corner. Although, to be fair, I don't seem to bring good luck to the teams for which I root.

All that said... I am disappointed that y'all won't be making the trip. "I dig your style."