Saturday, October 20


You've got to get the team in the right headspace before a big tournament.

For each team, this is a different thing. Some need to be angry and ready to snap, some need to be overly positive, some need to feel tight and nervous, some are better relaxed. You've got to learn about your team over the season and then use the weeks leading up to a tourney to get it right.

After our quick practice today, I'm sure that we're in the right place. The practice left me with nothing but confidence about my team. We're ready to go.

Also, we learned about the creepily high SAT scores on this team. Nerd Ultimate at it's finest. The lowest is some sucker (not counting the new Writing section for comparison's sake) in the mid 1200s. And there are something like 6 or 8 in the 1500+ range. We also learned that despite this being my 5th year with Pike that I'm on the Young team if we split by age. Odd.
workout total:
3.5 Hours practice


Anonymous said...

people can thank bill kieffer for coining the term "nerd ultimate". an absolute requirement is wearing glasses.

dusty.rhodes said...

Don't you mean "Officer Kieffer?"

Jackson said...


Mackey said...

You're still an old man to me, Rhodes.