Friday, October 5

Am I the Only One

Who thinks that when I watch 300 on DVD, the captions should be inked in like on a comic strip?

I'm pretty sure that's *exactly* what I wanted to watch the other day. I got 300 via Netflix and, as I often do with movies I watch at home, I watched it with captions so I could catch all of the words that I missed the first time. I'm strange like that. I like to read. This is like
reading cliffnotes in a picturebook. Which was kinda the whole point of comic books in the first place.

The reader/watcher/listener could then choose their favorite way/s of experiencing the story. Visual? Textual? Aural? Mix-n-Match!

Anyway, I think this is an incredible idea and someone should do it.

In other news, the quad/itb really seemed to make a bit of a breakthrough today with some high-pressure foam roller-kinda work. Ouchy. But in a good way. I feel like an old person doing this stuff, but it works.
Workout total:
strength workout


gapoole said...

I took a 10-min ice bath Saturday night at this weekend's tournament. I did not expect it to really help, having seen the practice be questioned by various "experts" on the internets, but I did feel good on Sunday. Very difficult to determine based on impressions, but we thought it might help just because it reduces any swelling of the joints from stress. It seems there really isn't any way to tell if it helps the muscles recover. Got any tips on recovery?

dusty.rhodes said...

All I do is:

1. Endurox after the last point.
2. Stretch.
3. Stretch in the shower.
4. Eat a solid meal.
5. Stretch.
6. Sleep.
7. Stretch when I wake up.

So, to recap for the kids, that's "ESSESSS." A perfect mnemonic.