Thursday, October 4

One of the funniest running gags...

For this season has been the emergence of the "Blockle."

Now, the name (blog + heckle = blockle?) could be better, but the notion of heckling me about the blog seems to strike some people as a good idea. I couldn't agree with those people more. I would probably do the same, if I could think of something clever to say about someone's blog. Like, "Hey, Idris... do you like toast too? Yes, as do I. It is warm and crispy and a perfect place for jelly to lay. Now stay away from me Idris, I ain't got shit to say to you!"

Wait... that sucked. And it was a ripoff. I'm not good at this.

Anyway, the basic form of the blockle sounds something like this:

  • "Is that going in the blog?"
  • "Put that shit in the blog!!"
  • "I can't wait to read about this in your blog."
And usually follows something dumb I did on the field. Sometimes it is after I do something good as well. Either way, this adds little entertainment value to the game and is really kinda childish. I mean, yes, I've got a blog. There is a chance I will write about whatever just happened. I also might not. Hooray for pointing out facts as a heckler. That's like the guy from the sideline who yells things like "You got broken!!" in an attempt to heckle. That's pretty basic stuff. Also, every stoner and drunk on the sideline can muster this witty remark. No sign of originality.

The second level of this phenomenon is something to the tune of:
  • "(Something specific from the blog) isn't working too well now, is it?"
  • "Maybe you should try more of (something else specific from the blog), eh?"
  • "More time practicing, less time blogging!"
These are all at least a little better. There is a second thought implied by the first, or a pair of things working together to give a more complex type of humor. This is good. Moving toward actual quality heckling. Also, it shows some level of preparation for the heckle, or at least a working knowledge of possible heckle-worthy items.

The third level of this is more like:
  • "Now go home and blog about how great/awful you are!"
  • "I thought you sucked until I read your blog. Now it is confirmed."
  • "I expect an entry on positional defense in this week's ultimate journal!"
Either through sheer meanness (nos. 1 and two), setup/punchline format (no.two) or predictive power (no.3) these deliver a second level of humor, not just a second level of understanding. Especially entertaining are the well-delivered two-parters. The heckles I expect next are things along the lines of "Rhodes, you magnificent bastard, *I read your blog*!!" or something else that is both referential and topical. I can't think of something that is referential and also has a set-up and punchline, but that's not my forte. I'm still the guy who thinks any quotes from The Big Lebowski, Tombstone or The Princess Bride remain the pinnacle of comedy.

So, for the rest of the season (and/or as long as I continue to write crap about this crap) by all means, bring your best blockles* to the field! Sometimes y'all are downright funny. Other times it is great fun to laugh at people who can't bring the hot sauce.

In any case, I'm loving this season and never want it to end. Ultimate is so much fun, even though I hate it.

*-Still accepting submissions for better names.
Workout Total:
45 min throwing
icing, resting, stretching, massage
upper body interval


parinella said...

My favorite is yelling "Blogalicious!" when a blogger makes a good play.

gapoole said...

"Bleckle" is more aesthetically pleasing to my ears. It also implies "blech", an expression of distaste, whereas "blockle" sounds more like a football term.

C.1 is a flop, to me. No originality, mere hyperbole at best--after all, you do blog about how well you play. I like the category B heckles, and C.3 is pretty good.

B.3 reminds me of last season, when Mio said to Jackson: "The following players are not aggressive enough, and clearly having too much sex:" (proceeds to list all players with a steady girlfriend).

dusty.rhodes said...

Of course I blog about how good I am-- there's not that much else to write about, you see...

(Back to reality)

I find "C1" particularly cutting because it would be delivered right after I fucked up. In fact, I may have heard someone shout that after I threw that awful (as if there was any other kind) Callahan this past weekend... Or I may have been imagining what I would have said were I on the sideline at the moment. I don't know for sure.

J said...

I've never been one to heckle as it always seems to come back and bite me on the butt-bone. As such, I've mostly been trying to avoid your attention since the only times I ever make it onto this damn thing are when I do something displeasing.

Damn you, Dusty! If that is your real name. God may forgive you, but I do not.

dusty.rhodes said...

That's right, Dono, you can't fool me into being part of your shitty "Dunno fur Prez" PR machine!

I will not tow the party line.

As an aside, generally the only things I remember other people doing are fucking up or making me laugh. All that other stuff fades away quickly. Minor things like blocks or goals never linger in my mind.

heckman said...

Oh, i thought you said "Blockus"! I got excited for a second there.

Anonymous said...

wait, did you say 'dunno for prez' or 'dunno for 'nancy''?

as in farricker. because it's been a whole two years since he's been able to pretend he's spirited.

-not dho