Tuesday, October 9

Video Evidence!

At Ariel's Site.

Having watched it quickly, here are my thoughts:

Sloppy Game. Based on this evidence, neither team has a shot of beating good teams.
At 2:50-2:59, can anyone tell me what that foul call was? Or why it was upheld by the observer?
At 40:00, can anyone tell me how that *wasn't* a foul? Or why the call was overturned by the observer?
At 53:00 or so, you can see everyone on the field. If y'all just stood back 3-5 meters, you'd be able to see everything!
I think I threw 3 turns in that game. That's pretty sad.
I didn't pull as many OB as I remembered. Just one, in fact. But some of those pulls were pretty suspect near the end.

That's all for now.


Ryan Todd said...

I watched the video yesterday (in 2 parts - ultimate games on tape are pretty boring to watch, I'll admit). Gutty comeback. I could be wrong because I didn't notice exactly when the run began, but how many times did Los have the disc within 10 yds in the endzone to win the game? 3-4? Yikes.

Nice little moment of Trey, either crying or half-dead, at the end. Can't really tell which.

dusty.rhodes said...

Yeah-- that dude in the Green Hat must be kicking himself still.

Sometimes if you believe strongly enough, things start going inexplicably wrong for the opposition... Kinda mystic, but y'know what? There's truth to it. As my father always told me, sometimes it is better to be lucky than good.

Are you including that wonderful first pass turnover from our O-team? The only thing you could hear from our sideline as it happened was "Not like this... Not like this..." before we all got in our teammate's ears. I can't believe Heckman got that D after making a classic "Heckman-noise" just before...

As for Trey, that guy is a champion, no ifs ands or buts. I think he played the last 10 or 12 consecutive points or something ridiculous like that. That last moment was a potent combination of completely dead and utterly ecstatic. No word on the tears. I was too busy being amazed.

I had also crumpled to the ground, but was not quite as exhausted, owing to only playing one game (and not particularly well...) that day.