Wednesday, October 24

Not much Left to Do...

But play the damn games!

I've prepared all season, I've checked everything off on my list and barring the quad thing, I've prepared just about perfectly for this season. There are things I can do better still, but I'm not at a point yet where I've accomplished them. That will wait until next season starts.

I'm not satisfied with my progress, but I'm happy about it.

Tough Games All Weekend.

I love nothing better than great competition. I can't wait to put everything I have on the line. I just can't wait.

Finally, I'm going back to The Show.

The Rhodes brothers with teammate and hanger-on will be traveling and staying in style, weather be damned.

If Jamie remembers his laptop, I'll try to get some updates here between days, but that could be tough. It is certainly ancillary to my team's success as well as my enjoyment of the weekend, but we'll see. Game-specifics will be limited as there's only so much I can remember in a given day. And besides, Jamie could forget anything.

Veteran Move: Bringing the EZPass.

I can't wait to be there.
Workout Total:
over a year of training leading up to this.


gapoole said...

Good luck, Dusty. May the work you've put in all year pay in excess of the dividends you hoped for.

Sam TH said...

Good luck. All of your readers are pulling for you.

Anonymous said...

sneaking a peek while at work..

I'm totally rooting for you Dusty!

Kick some a** and try not to get too hurt.