Sunday, October 7

We Talkin' Bout Practice

That Iverson rant never gets old.

Numbers were smallish today. That sucked.

I was encouraged by my PT/Doc to make a run of it in practice this weekend to see how I felt. I was a little hesitant, but they told me to test it out without any NSAIDs to see how it all felt and then be sure to take some (as well as ice) after practice. I said okay.

Practice was in Philly again which meant I caught the 7:11 train out of Jersey City again. Too early for Johnny L's delicious bagels on Saturday. Next Saturday, however, we'll be practicing later, so I can get my bagel on. Nice!

Practice focused on game-situations and scrimmages. We worked on specific strategies and specific goals for each team. That's good stuff.

D-Team pounded the O-Team.

Got a ride back to Jersey from Jamie who's moving to Providence, RI for work. That's crazy. not much else to say on the practice front other than the leg felt good (way better than last weekend!) but not great.
Workout Total:
4 hours of ultimate

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wix said...

>>That Iverson rant never gets old.

and the best part's at the very end...